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How to Take Care of Your Watch

Regardless of the price of your watch, you’ll want to care for it as best you can – it can last a lifetime with regular upkeep! If you’re not so sure how to go about that, don’t worry. The steps are quite elementary. There’s no need for any special tools; you only need to genuinely care for your timepiece.

The Essentials

Avoid any chemicals or fluids when cleaning your timepiece. The safest way is to wipe it with one of those manufacturer-provided cleaning cloths. You should never put your timepiece inside your pocket either. When you just have to put it there, be sure to wrap it, especially the glass. And be sure to wear it separate from other metal jewelry to keep the sides scratch-free. Before you change the time, take off the watch – the crown stem may snap due to the pressure.

Regular Servicing

In most cases, brands advise regular watch servicing every three (automatic) to five (quartz) years. However, certain brands have stretched this to five to ten years. Servicing is a must if you want your watch to work flawlessly. A watch, just like a car, must be well-lubricated. Otherwise, the components that maintain movement will start to corrode, thereby compromising how the timepiece works. After one to two years, have an expert check your watch for water resistance too – seals can weaken after a while. And while you’re there, give your watch a polish only once in a while (you don’t want to thin out the bracelet).

Avoiding Electrical Appliances

Always be conscious of the possibility that watches can become magnetized. This is not good because it can speed up the movement of your watch, especially if piece is mechanical. So keep your watch away from all kinds of electrical devices, like your washing machine, TV, and the rest.

Back in the Box

If you’re not planning to use your watch, keep it safe in its original container. Put your watch in a pouch when you travel (your manufacturer will probably give you one following servicing). If you have no pouch that is watch-safe enough, simply wrap your timepiece in a soft, protective cloth. If you have a bracelet watch, make sure the metal doesn’t touch crystal as this can cause scratches.

Your Good Old Toothbrush

An old toothbrush is your best friend when it comes to keeping your metal watch bracelet clean. By just brushing the case and space between the links, you will instantly see a big difference. But do ensure that your timepiece is waterproof before you do this, and that the button is screwed down if it has to be.

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